Всеки втори шанс


 EvErY sEcOnd ChAnCe bEgInS witH a firSt step...



Love me, hate me, say what you want about me...



F**k is good, f**k is funny, a lot of people f**k for money. If you think the f**k is funny, f**k yourself and save your money.



YoU'LL ThInK LoVe Is To PrAy,BuT I'm SoRRy I DoN't PrAy ThAt WaY !



I wrote your name
in the sand,but the waves
washed it away.
Then I wrote it
in the sky,
but the wind
blew it away.
So I wrote it
in my heart
and that's where
it will stay.



EveRy TimE I LoOk aT YoU...My HearT Is JumPinG...TeLL Me wHaT Can I Do?



Stay With Me..Don't Let Me Go..Cause I Can't Be Without You..Just Stay With Me,And Hold Me Close,Because I've Built My World Around You...