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So I Won`t GiVe uP…No I Won`T BreaK Down…SooNer Than iT SeeMs Live TurnS ArounD And I WilL Be STronG EvEn If iT All GoeS Wrong..WheN I am StaNdinG In The DarK I STiLl BelieVe SomeonE`s WatcHinG OvEr Me ...



So tell me when it's not alright….When it's not ok….Will you try to make me feel better?Will you say alright?Will you say ok?Will you stick with me through whatever?...Or run away… 



Do NoT likE mE, I HuRt YoU? WhEtHeR iT dEhIsCeD ? - MoPe ArOuNd FalSe t0oTh ! I Am aNgrY? - Hardly ! DiDn't You AlaRm mE uNdeRsTaNd? 



I wanted to tell him I loved him I wanted to say it right then My heart was so full of emotion And I just had to see him again :}

И'm wild and free and what do you want from me!? 

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!!

I've found the reason for me..to change who I used to be! A reason to start over new! And THE REASON IS YOU Especially for Bugs 

I WaNt a LoVe ThaT`S fOr ReaL!!! AnD WitHouT tHaT, TheN nO DeaL!!! AnD bAbY I dOn`T NeeD a hAnD iF iT onLy WanTs tO gRaB oNe ThInG!!!{}{}{}

Do you know what it feels like loving someone that’s in a rush to throw you away?

Do you know what it feels like to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed?

The day i w!ll stop lov!n you !s the day when ! close my eyes forever...

Ra!nDroPs,faLL FroM,ЭvЭrYwhЭre, ! rЭaCh OuT,4U BuT U'RЭ NoT ThЭrЭ So ! StooD,Wa!T!nG,!n ThЭ DaRk W!tH YoUr P!ctUrЭ,!n MY HaNdS,StoRy Of a BrokЭn hЭarT.