Някой те иска

Love your life, live your dreams!



F**k me...I'm famous!



SoMeBoDy WaNtS yOu,

SomEbOdY nEeDs YoU,

SoMeBoDy DrEaMs AbOuT yOu EvErY sInGlE nIgHt,

SoMeBoDy CaN't BrEaTh WiThOuT yOu, It'S lOnElY,

SoMeBoDy HoPeS sOmEdAy YoU wIlL sEe,

ThAt SoMebOdY's Me!



Just don't coppy because I'll become a real b*tch!



And don't say 'b*tch' like it's a bad thing!



Me?! I'm a scene!! I'm a drama queen!! I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen!!Most girls blend in, but I prefer to make a scene!!



Before asking stupid questions use GOOGLE!